What We Create
True Star Content Platforms

All the media produced in True Star programs is produced by youth actually learning from doing, making mistakes, and resolving those errors. True Star takes a hands-on approach to problem solving. Through this approach, students will develop key transferable skills, such as flexibility, creativity and communication, which can be employed across all academic subjects, and in future careers. True Star also takes all its media platforms to market and has an audience of over 1 million youth across print, radio, and digital platforms.

True Star Digital Platform

True Star Magazine is a free quarterly publication produced by youth through our programming model.  True Star began as a four-page newsletter with a circulation of 1,000 and has grown to a 52-page glossy magazine with a circulation of 30,000. True Star Magazine has a controlled circulation and is distributed in 65 Chicago public high schools.  True Star Magazine is also distributed in select YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, Chicago Park Districts, libraries, youth centers, barber shops, and beauty salons. Through our partnership with McDonald’s we are also distributed in 20 local franchises.


True Star creates original digital series, video PSAs, short documentaries, and interviews that are housed on the YouTube channel www.youtube.com/TrueStarLife

True Star Radio is a youth focused podcast series. Youth discuss issues that are relevant to them and their peers.

True Star Jr. Magazine

True Star Jr. Magazine is produced by middle school students. Students create a digest size magazine four times per year.

Street Team

True Star street team promotes various events and marketing campaigns. The True Star street team is unique because they are deployed directly in their schools and communities. True Star currently has 45 ambassadors representing 35 high schools and colleges.

Custom Publishing

True Star conducts programming with elementary schools where students create a specific mini-mag for their school and community. The students at these schools create the name and direction for these publications. In addition, True Star along with its youth staff has created custom books for the SCREAM tour, Chicago Elite Classic, and other corporate clients.

True Star Magazine

Launched in 2004, with 17 students who produced a 4-page newsletter, True Star Magazine published 40 issues over 12 years, and reached millions of youth. In 2018, True Star ceased printing of True Star magazine to launch its digital platform https://truestar.life