What We Do
An Overview of Our Programs

True Star has taken an innovative approach to improving the lives of youth with on-the-job training programs enabling students to create, produce and work for a media company. Through the True Star Foundation, youth are put in leadership positions, their ideas are implemented, and they help to run the business, essentially fostering feelings of hope and the promise of a rewarding career. Current programs offered:

The journalism team learns the basic of journalism by creating content for the digital platform truestar.life. Students learn interview skills, research, writing styles, editing, etc. Topics and issues that are relevant to youth life are discussed, analyzed, and developed into articles.

The radio broadcasting and podcast team gives youth a basic understanding of audio storytelling, radio programming, production, sound engineering, audio editing, and promotions. Students create a series of podcasts and execute a live show via a partnership with Urban Broadcast Media (UBM).

The digital marketing team learn the basics of marketing, branding, and leveraging social media, internet, email, and other digital channels to connect with its target market. Students also conduct market research and develop content marketing for True Star and external clients.

The photography team learn the basics of photography and the power of capturing the moments of everyday life.  Through actual camera work, students build a stock photo database for True Star and its clients.

The graphic design team learn design software, while creating still and motion graphics, marketing materials and other graphic collateral.

The street team learn grassroots promotion, including how to engage and connect with their peers and the community to deliver a specific message or promote a call-to-action.

The True Star Jr. team is comprised of middle school students who learn writing, reporting, and multi-media while producing for True Star Jr. Magazine.

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